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Legacy - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre UCEK

IEDC-UCEK was set up by the Kerala Startup Mission in the University College of Engineering as part of establishing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDCs) all around Kerala in various colleges to promote the culture of  startups and to instill the concept of entrepreneurship among students. We branded our IEDC as ‘Legacy-IEDC-UCEK’ and it serves primarily as a catalyst for entrepreneurship at the institute.

Consider the following scenario. You are a fresher at our college. You do not know what to do, what to expect, what to offer, and a hundred other uncertainties. You stick to academics, confine yourself to classrooms, wander during breaks, and then settle for a 9-5 office job upon graduating.

Now consider the scenario with an IEDC at the college. You are a fresher at our college. You get opportunities to attend workshops on the topics of your interest. You get to follow up on the skills, honing them to ultimately deliver your potential. You see a world outside your four classroom walls, you begin to dream, to aspire, to see yourself on top of the world. You see the change in you through the four years as you tread your self-made path. You become capable of adaptation, you learn to thrive in any environment, and you strive to build, empower and revolutionize the world around you.

This is what we offer. We help you create a choice instead of choosing, we encompass your dreams with wings to let them fly, and we enable you to break the boundaries, to make, to sustain, and to leave a mark. Legacy IEDC UCEK is built enforcing the three ideals –CREATE, SUSTAIN, & THRIVE.

Every member of Legacy IEDC UCEK believes in this ideology. We are a club of simple yet powerful human beings working passionately to make it happen.

We are the change makers of UCEK


The Path Makers

Shijida Shain

Nodal Officer IEDC UCEK

Rohini P I

Nodal Officer IEDC UCEK

Arun B I

Technical Coordinator

Khadira Safar

Project Coordinator

Pranav S R


Elma Raju


Akash J J

Chief Executive Officer

Amritha Radhakrishnan

Women Lead

Fathima Sulthana H

Women Lead

Our Pillars

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